Where on the mobile can you see your phone number


Before mobile telephony, the Internet and modern technology prevailed, the number of numbers we had to remember was infinitely less. In some cases, simply the car’s license plate, the code from the card at the cashier and the number of the home landline, of only 6 digits.

Then came the prefixes, the war of operators, the settlement of mobile telephony that forced us to remember a second phone number and a PIN code – there was no one who could also memorize the PUK code – in addition to the PIN of the different cards , the passwords of Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Google Play, App Store, Windows, email accounts …

How to find your own phone number on your mobile

Currently, the amount of things that modern life forces us to remember are so many that it is scary to think what we would have to do if our mobile, laptop, tablet could not do it for us. But even so, on some occasion we have all gone through the situation of not remembering the 9 digits that make up our mobile number.

How can we solve this? Well, learning a couple of tricks and simple ways to find the number that is always somewhere on our beloved smartphone.

If you have an iPhone

The way to find your number on the iOS of an iPhone is very simple. In fact, it can be done in two different ways:

Method 1

Open the Phone app from the main menu
Click on the Contacts tab, located right at the bottom of the screen
When you open it, your number appears right first.

Method 2

Open Settings on the iPhone
Scroll down until you find the Phone option
When you open it you will see the number at the beginning of the whole in My Number
If you have an Android
The most widespread operating system in the world in terms of phones, due to the wide variety of brands that use it, not all have the same method of locating it. In general, you can search for the number in the Contacts app, within the list at the top and with the name ‘Yo’ / ‘Me’ according to the language in which we have the terminal. The second method is more universal:

Find the Settings app and open it.
Scroll down all the way to the About Device option
Enter the Status option, which shows information about the SIM, IMEI and IP address among others. You should see your number here.
If it does not appear, click on the SIM Status option, and at the end you will see My Phone Number.


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