Where is the cheapest gasoline in your city: apps and websites


In recent months, there are those who have not taken the car even once. But with the lack of confidence – let’s hope we don’t have to go back to it -, the summer and the holidays, there are many and many who have been encouraged to go out, have gone from the interior to the coast or vice versa. And as usually happens, that involves filling the tank.

Although in that task it is possible to pull imagination and science. Science like the one behind several mobile apps that serve a great thing for the long-suffering driver: finding cheap gas stations with the lowest prices. Its science is that they are applications that compare fuel prices in different gas stations on a map in seconds, and that can save you up to 10 cents per liter, 10 euros per deposit, which makes a difference when filling the deposit without a doubt.

OCU Gas Station Calculator

The OCU carried out in August 2019 a study of fuel prices in Spain in which it identifies significant savings of up to 300 euros for gasoline vehicles and 250 euros for diesel vehicles. When analyzing the data collected in each province, comparing the most expensive with the cheapest, the result of the average saving that the consumer can obtain is 17% in gasoline and 18% in diesel. In some provinces the savings may be higher.

In Gerona, for example, for gasoline-powered cars, savings can be up to 26%. The same percentage found in Granada for diesel engines. In the case of the Canary Islands, the average saving reaches 34% due to factors such as insularity, distribution costs and the special taxation applied on the islands. The provinces in which less savings can be achieved are Teruel and Lugo in the case of gasoline with savings of 10%, and the same Galician province in the case of diesel with savings of 11%.

In order to facilitate consumer savings, the OCU has an online tool in the form of a gas station calculator to find the cheapest one closest to your home. It shows information not only on diesel and gasoline, but also on liquefied gases (LPG) and biodiesel. Just enter your home address, the type of fuel you are looking for, the tank capacity of your car or motorcycle, and the space in kilometers of the search area. With these 4 data, the calculator will search for the cheapest gas stations near you.

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GasAll: Gas Stations in Spain
An app that has been active since 2008, GasAll is the pioneer in terms of cheap gas station applications. Providing updated price information, indicating the distance and the fastest route to reach the gas station, the app shows the gas stations closest to your position or those of any part of Spain thanks to its search engine by address or by area. You will be able to take advantage of promotions, review previous gas prices to calculate when the lowest price will be, and search for stations, even for the consumption and capacity of your car’s tank.

Gasoline and Diesel in Spain

Gasoline and Diesel Spain allows you to find the gas stations in Spain with the best prices on all types of fuels: Gasoline 95, Gasoline 95 No Protection, Gasoline 98, Diesel, Improved Diesel, Diesel B, Diesel C, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, LPG and CNG.

The app initially shows you the best prices for Gasoline 95 in 15 km around, but you can customize everything you need, such as showing the gas stations in a list or represented on a map; activate automatic or manual location; or calculate a route and show all the gas stations along the way.

It also has a search system with filter for favorite brands in which you like to refuel, and “the prices are taken directly from the website of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism”.

Now in Gasoline: Cheap Gas Stations

Ra Save on Gasoline ’is a simple application and very easy to use, which shows the price of the gas stations closest to your location and the cheapest. With this free information you can save up to € 10 each time you fill the deposit.

You can plan the report in advance with the new route manager, which shows the cheap gas stations near the established route. And if you are away from home and don’t know the area, it will take you to the nearest gas station.


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