Where Is Kim Sohye Now? The Status of The “Fairy of Victory” After The Disbandment of The IOI


After Kim Sohye was loved as a member of I.O.I, she gradually left the music scene when the band broke up, and decided to follow her original dream. Six years after she broke up with the contestants, what happened to her?

Kim Sohye from 2016 to 2022: Mnet “Produce 101”, I.O.I debut, acting career

In 2016, Kim Sohye was introduced to the public for the first time as a participant of the Mnet show “Produce 101”. At that time, she was an intern representing Redline Entertainment.

Since Kim Sohye came from an acting company, she initially studied to be an actress. Thus, it turned out that she had no experience of singing and dancing.

During the show, she was immediately loved by K-pop fans for her beauty, smile and charming personality. Sohe even got the nickname “Penguin” after she claimed that all humans descended from a bird species.

During the show, she especially struggled due to her lack of dancing skills and became one of the trainees who was scolded by coach Bae Yoon Jung. But as the episode went on, she earned the nickname “Victory Fairy” after reaching her full potential and finishing the show at number 5.

In May 2016, after 8 months of training, Sohye officially debuted as an idol of the group I.O.I. The group became famous thanks to the hits “Very Vey Very”, “Whatta Man” and “Downpour”.

Unfortunately, I.O.I was a project women’s group for only a year, which led to their breakup in 2017.

At that time, Idol did not return, but terminated her contract with Redline Entertainment. Instead, Kim Sohye and her family created their own label. At a young age, Sohe became the CEO of S&P Entertainment, which managed her idol and acting activities.

Since her original dream was to become an actress, she left the career of a top idol and took up acting.

Since 2017, she has appeared in various web dramas and projects for small screens, but only in 2020 she was recognized as an actress for the mini-drama “How to Buy a Friend”. Soha was also loved for her work “Her Bucket List”, in which she starred alongside Na In Woo.

Unfortunately, she had to stop working in 2021 after the first Sohye disagreements in her entire career appeared.

In February, a third party informed the online community that Sohe had physically assaulted their classmate on the beach, resulting in her being fired from her position as vice president.

In July, Sohye’s accusation of bullying turned out to be false.

Despite this, she remained in the shadows for a long time because of criticism.

Where is Kim Sohye in 2023? Idol actress will return to cinema with “Pure Boxer”
After about a two-year hiatus, Kim Sohye will return in September with “Pure Boxer,” a sports drama about a sports agent tasked with bringing a genius boxer back to the ring in 3 years.

Kim Sohye will play the role of Lee Kwon-sook, who became an elite boxer at the age of 17. She was a “genius” who never lost, but one day she suddenly disappeared.

Then Kim Tae-young (Lee Sang-ep) will begin his journey to bring back Lee Kwon-sook, who has already passed away from the life of a boxer.

Kim Sohye, who participated as a presenter at the KBS Acting Awards in December 2022, also attracted attention by admitting:

“I am currently diligently studying boxing for drama.”


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