Where does Jimmy Garoppolo rank on the 49ers depth chart?


Jimmy Garoppolo may not be part of the 49ers’ vision for the future, but he’s still on the depth chart.

As NFL teams share their mandatory preseason depth chart; perhaps for the first time in his football life, Jimmy Gee finds himself on the fourth-team QB list.

Garoppolo finds himself buried on the depth chart behind Trey Lance, Nate Sudfeld and Brock Purdy.

It’s a bit surprising to see a veteran QB on the roster, considering he hasn’t played for the Niners this offseason.

San Francisco seems to be waiting until the other team’s starter leaves to get away from Garoppolo. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that the team is ready to wait until 11 o’clock to negotiate with Jimmy G.:

As far as I understand, Jimmy Garoppolo does not have a clear trading partner right now. … There is no unambiguous option. … So how long are the 49ers willing to wait? As far as I understand, they are ready to wait until the end of the working day. … It looks like they’re going to hold him for as long as possible.

Until then, Garoppolo will remain in street clothes.


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