Where does Cisco go at the end of “Lincoln Lawyer”?


Warning! Contains spoilers for the first season of the TV series “Lincoln’s Lawyer“.

Although the finale of the first season of the TV series “Lincoln’s Lawyer” completes most of the storylines of the series, he keeps a secret about where the lead investigator Dennis “Cisco” Wojciechowski (Angus Sampson) is going when he leaves on his motorcycle. This is just one of several unfinished threads left hanging in anticipation of a potential second season. The episode gives us an answer to why Jerry Vincent was killed and why Jesus Menendez was framed by Lankford, but Lincoln Laver’s man with the tattoo also gives a pretty big clue as to where the show might go in the future. Cisco’s unannounced destination also offers direction for the second season’s story.

“Lincoln the Lawyer” is a Netflix series about Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a lawyer who works in his Lincoln Town Car. He is tasked with the case of a tech billionaire accused of murder, but his work also brings him closer to murderers, corruption and criminal biker gangs. During the show, Haller tries to pay off Cisco’s debt to a motorcycle club known as the Road Saints, defending Casey on charges of drug possession and firearms. Cisco finds out about this and tries to put an end to it, insisting that his debts belong to himself, but he can’t stop Haller from successfully protecting Casey. Cisco, a former member of the Lincoln Lawyer Saints Road (1% fix and all that), approaches the gang leader Teddy and gets an offer from him. The last time we see him, he’s riding off on his bike.

Although the terms of Teddy’s deal have not been disclosed, it is fair to assume that they are related to some criminal activity. It looks like Cisco has agreed to the deal, preparing for its new partnership with its former colleagues. Alternatively, he could refuse the deal and escape, trying to maximize the distance between himself and the Saints of the Road. However, this seems unlikely, since Cisco is not one of those who runs away from trouble. While the final answer is not contained in the books from which The Lincoln Lawyer borrows cases, there are ways that the second season can draw from the original novels to keep Cisco in the game.

Regardless of which direction the showrunners go in the second season of the TV series “Lincoln the Lawyer,” Haller will need a new lead investigator to help him with his cases. Perhaps it could have been Raoul Levin, Haller’s fellow novelist, whose inclusion would have made it possible to tell the story of the first book without losing Cisco. Cisco is a long-standing character in later books, but he doesn’t actually appear at all in the first one. It doesn’t make sense for showrunners to use him as a murdered investigator, given that he plays an important role in stories that might want to be adapted in later seasons.

Although no one knows everything about the second season of the TV series “Lincoln’s Lawyer”, it is obvious that it would be a shame for the series to lose one of its main characters so early. While Cisco may be completely absent from the second season, he could potentially have his own storyline that runs concurrently with Haller’s storyline. In any case, it is clear that Cisco intends either to pay off his debts through a deal with Teddy, or to get as far away from the Holy Roads as possible. That’s where he goes at the end of season 1.