Where do the Guardians of the Galaxy go in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”


Attention! The following contains SPOILERS for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Guardians of the Galaxy briefly appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, but where do the Guardians go after they leave Thor alone? After they appeared in the first part of the film, it was implied that the Guardians would return shortly before the finale of “Thor: Love and Thunder”. However, they never reappear after they leave Thor, and “Thor: Love and Thunder” never reveals exactly where the Guardians are going.

After Thor and the Guardians disperse so that Thor can respond to Lady Sif’s distress call, the Guardians conduct their own investigation, which means that they probably also learned about the rampage of the Butcher God Gorr in space. However, since the Guardians never contacted Thor throughout the film, they must have found something else that requires their full and undivided attention. In any case, the appearance of the Guardians in Thor: Love and Thunder lays the foundation not only for the festive special edition of Guardians of the Galaxy, but, more importantly, for Guardians of the Galaxy. 3, where Adam Warlock is reportedly making his MCU debut.

Like the other cast members of Thor: Love and Thunder, it is likely that the Guardians also found the corpses of dead gods and fallen civilizations after Gorr. While this means that in “Thor: Love and Thunder” they will probably go wherever this trailer takes them, it is likely that their adventure has been interrupted, since wherever they end up, Adam Warlock will definitely find them to set the third film in their trilogy. During the mid-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy. 2 it turns out that the leader of the Lord Aisha created an artificial being named Adam specifically to destroy the Guards who betrayed the Lord at the beginning of the film. This is bad news for the Guardians. Like Zeus, who was shown alive and well in the middle credits of the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”, Adam Warlock from Marvel Comics is an almost indestructible cosmic being with abilities that can match or surpass the powers of Odin, Thanos or Galactus. Adam Warlock, artificially created as a perfect man, connects with the Soul Stone and becomes so strong that even Death itself cannot claim his soul. Although Adam becomes an ally of the Guardians in the comics, his origin in the MCU implies a very different scenario.

Why “Guardians of the Galaxy” had to be removed from “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Guardians of the Galaxy is too distracting, and the whole story of the “one-year break” ends as soon as Thor realizes that he is looking for himself in the wrong places, so the team has reached an organic conclusion. Moreover, as “Thor: Love and Thunder” director Taika Waititi explains, they originally planned to use the Guardians again, but eventually abandoned it because their return would undermine the heroism of Jane Foster’s death and self-sacrifice in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” In Thor: Love and Thunder, too many factors have already been introduced for the Guardians to have any narrative significance in the second act.

Instead, Thor: Love and Thunder leaves the fate of the Guardians of the Galaxy to the imagination. Curiously, this radio silence of the usually loud and verbose Guardians actually works well, implying that they may be dealing with something just as dangerous, if not potentially more dangerous, than Gorr. As Adam Warlock prepares to make his MCU debut, it will soon become clearer where the Guardians are and why they didn’t even contact Thor after their paths diverged. Considering what awaits them in Guardians of the Galaxy. 3, The Guardians could be a completely different team by the time “Thor 5” hits theaters.

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