Where are the witch huts in Fortnite?


We tell you how to complete the challenge “visit different witch huts” of Fortnite: Nightmare Before the Tempest / Fortnitemares 2020. Challenge guide.

One of the challenges of Fortnitemares 2020 , the Halloween event of Season 4 of the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2 , we asked to visit different cabins witch . This challenge is as follows: ” visit different witch huts “. In this section of our complete guide of Fortnite Battle Royale we tell you how to complete this challenge Fortnite : Nightmare Before The Storm – Revenge of Midas .

Fortnitemares 2020: witch hut locations

To complete this challenge, we must visit a total of three of the seven witch huts that are throughout the map, over any number of games, and regardless of the game mode . The witch huts are located at the following points on the map:

  • Quadrant D2
  • Quadrant H2
  • Quadrant A4
  • Quadrant C4
  • Quadrant F5
  • Quadrant C7
  • Quadrant H8

The challenge simply asks that at least three of these places, so we must keep track of which ones we have visited, and which ones we haven’t . We will know that we have entered what the game considers to be a witch house when the challenge progress marker appears and updates . That is, it does not matter that the house itself has been destroyed, technically we only have to enter the areas in which they are .

This challenge can be completed without problems by playing Team Brawl , and is, in fact, the most recommended method. We simply visit the different witch houses on the map one by one , starting with the ones in our half of the field during the deployment, at the beginning of each game, until we complete the challenge.

We remind you that it is a cumulative challenge and that we do not have to visit all the witch huts that the challenge asks of us in the same game . Play calmly and write down which ones you have visited and which ones have not, and you will complete it without much trouble. This challenge can be completed over any number of games in the Fortnite: Nightmare Before Tempest 2020, and Team Melee game modes.


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