Where are the legendary animals in AC: Valhalla


We explain where all the legendary animals are and the best way to kill them in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at 100% to get Platinum.

If we want to get the Master Hunter Achievement, we will have to destroy all the legendary animals of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Some of the legendary animals are found in Vinland, an area that we will unlock only after having killed all the members of the Order of the Elders. If we have selected the explorer mode, we can easily locate everyone’s location on the map, since hovering the cursor will make the noise of the legendary animal in question. But to make the task easier and as part of our complete guide, we bring you the location of all of them as well as tips to kill them.

Black shell

Location: South of the peninsula located southeast of King’s Bury (East Anglia)
Recommended level 55
Tips: It is a fast enemy so we will have to dedicate ourselves to dodging its attacks and attacking lightly.

The Corpse Eaters

Location: Northwest of Buckingham (Oxenefordscire).
Recommended level 90
Tips: We recommend using the bow to target your weak points so that we can take care of them one by one. In this way they will lose their numerical advantage.

Beast of the hills

Location: West of Quatford Harbor, near the Ruins (Sciropescire). To get there we will have to go into a cave and go through the opening stuck to the ground crouching. We will meet a bear.
Recommended level 130.
Tips: Again, the key to defeating him is dodging his attacks and sapping his energy with heavy blows.

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Location: On the lake east of Spitalgate (Lincolnscire).
Recommended level 160.
Tips: It is better to kill the small wolves that appear during the fight so that they do not catch us off guard. We recommend you use a long sword or a spear to be able to attack from a certain distance and dodge its red attacks more easily.

Bloody pig

Location: Northwest of Fiscartum (Eurviscscire)
Recommended level 190.
Tips: We are facing an enemy that attacks very fast, so it is advisable to dose our energy bar well and attack it with the bow to have more reaction time.


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