Where are the Fundraisers at Genshin Impact; location


We tell you where you can find all the collectors to get Genshin Impact hunting daggers with their corresponding marked location.

In Genshin Impact it is essential to equip our characters correctly if we want to get the most out of them. But of course this is not going to be an easy task. On many occasions we will have to resort to forging weapons ourselves (if we are not lucky in the gachapon). For that reason, and as part of this complete guide, we are going to explain how and where to get hunting and agent daggers; that is, the location of the pyro agents. As you can imagine, this is related to the Collectors, a type of bosses that await us in the game.

Where are the Collectors: location and map

To begin with, we can locate one by one the pyro agents who, sometimes, leave these materials next to their corpse, selecting the option to continue from the list of Liyue bosses. We also provide a map with all their locations below so that you can find them directly on the map and without prior marked indication.

We must bear in mind that they are powerful enemies, that they become invisible and that, if we get lost, they can give us a dislike. That is why we recommend that, when fighting against them, we are well prepared in advance and take advantage of the elemental reactions that we can generate against pyro with our team. For example, we can take several characters in our team to launch a state of Lightning and Cryo and thus counteract the heat caused by their flames.

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Once we have obtained a few daggers from the agent, we can generate the hunting daggers ourselves. To do this, we will have to go to any of the two alchemy positions currently available in large cities, and process them. In this way, we will obtain in our inventory the corresponding hunting daggers based on the number of agent daggers that we have previously obtained.


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