Where are the Electroculus in Genshin Impact? All locations in Inazuma


Genshin Impact: After detailing the location of anemoculi and geoculus in Genshin Impact, it is the turn of the electroculus that we can find in the Inazuma region. The new Inazuma region that has come to Genshin Impact with update 2.0 hides a multitude of new features such as new characters and locations. It is precisely in these unpublished areas that we can find items such as the Percibetormentas, a flower that serves to ascend to Yoimiya among other functions, or the Electróculus. If you are veterans of the miHoYo game, you will already know the Anemoculus and Geoculus, the floating spheres corresponding to the Mondstadt and Liyue areas. Now it is Inazuma’s turn with his Electroculus and here we detail his exact location throughout the map.

Where to find Inazuma’s Electroculus Orbs

In the case of Inazuma’s electroculus, up to 95 orbs await us, so this is a significantly higher number than those of the other two territories. At first, it is quite easy to find them, since as soon as we approach them they will appear on the minimap in the shape of a star. Thanks to this callsign, we can easily search the surroundings, looking both at the sky and in the part closest to the ground, until we find them. They are purple floating orbs (that of the Electro element in the game), so they are quite striking and except in specific cases it should not be difficult to find them.


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