Where are all the legendary weapons and clothing pieces?


We explain how to create legendary objects in Cyberpunk 2077 as well as the stores where we can buy them if we have enough money

Cyberpunk 2077 drinks in many ways, and unsurprisingly, from the eponymous tabletop role-playing game. Because of this, inventory management is sometimes more chaotic than we would like. For this reason, and as part of this complete guide, we are going to detail how to get and create all the legendary weapons and clothes.

Legendary item creation

The first thing to keep in mind is that the definition of legendary in the CD Projekt title changes with respect to other games in the genre. The term refers to the rarity of the item itself, which increases its stats, but is not tied solely to that item. That is, any weapon or article of clothing that we find in Night City can end up being legendary if we want to. In this section we are going to detail how to create all the legendary objects, from the basic concepts to the location of some specifications.

It is quite likely that after a few hours of play you will end up becoming fond of some emblematic weapon (those that have their own name and are only obtained in a certain way in a specific place and time. The problem is that many of these weapons are rare and rare, without reaching the category of legendary. However, if you have invested 20 points in the technical skill attribute, you will be able to unlock the advantage called Merc Crafts. This allows us to create epic objects if we have the object in question or the specifications to create it The same mechanics apply to clothing, with their respective shields and characteristics.

As for collecting weapons of legendary rarity from downed enemies it is possible, but totally random. It will always depend on our level. The good news is that if we come across a legendary weapon that we don’t like very much, we can disassemble it to obtain legendary parts with which you can make others that we do like. Because yes, in addition to needing Merc Crafts we will also have to collect the necessary components for the creation of our precious objects. And, as we have already mentioned, the most effective way is to disassemble the weapons and clothes that we are looting from the fallen enemies to get them. For example, organized crime leaders often have speciations of this type.

Clothing stores with legendary pieces

Keep in mind that the offer of the stores varies depending on the reputation we have and changes every 48 hours of the game in a completely random way. Therefore, if you meet the reputation requirement for a certain garment but you cannot find it for sale in the store that we indicate, you must try to return two internal days later to check what merchandise has been made available to the customer. Prices also change, but we can assure you that you will need enough Eurodollars to get any legendary clothes.

Badlands Store: Fresko (reputation 17)
Wellsprings Store: Build Specs for Cowboy Hat, Sun Spark Infovisor, Daemon Hunter Tank Top, SilveRock Biker Vest and Gold Fury Pants
Coastview Shop: Anti-Poison, Soft-Sole and Cut-do (all require 17 reputation)
Arroyo clothing store: FresKo and Antivenom (both reputation 17).
Rancho Coronado clothing store: FresKo and Antivenom (both reputation 17).
Kabuki Clothing Store: Super Isolator (reputation 17).
Little China Clothing Store: FresKo and Lethal Eye (both 17 reputation).
Charter Hill Store: Lethal Eye and Predator (both 17 reputation).
Appel de Paris (Corporate Center): Anti-Venom (17 reputation) and build specs for Geisha Composite Combat Shirt, Deadly Lagoon Posture Jacket, Uniware Brass Office Pants, and Kasen Exomilitary Boots.
Jinguji (Center): Panacea (reputation 17) and crafting specs for Esmerald Speed’s hat, Aoi Tora’s crown, Pink Dragon’s skirt, and Daemon Hunter’s slippers.
Blossoming Sakura Tailor (Japantown): Predator (reputation 17).
Karim’s Vinyls (Japantown): Samurai 2020 tour t-shirt.

The same principles apply as in clothing stores: their price varies and they can be put up for sale randomly every 48 hours as long as we meet the necessary requirements.

Badlands Gun Shop: Copperhead D5, Lexington m-10AF (reputation 43), Liberty, Sidewinder D5, and Chao A-22B (reputation 43).
Center Weapon Shop: Auiles M179e, Zhuo L-69, Shingen TKI-20 (reputation 50).
El Glen Weapon Shop: Testera DB-2 and Ashura (reputation 47).
Vista del Rey Weapon Shop: Masamune HJSH-18 (reputation 47) and Testera DB-2.
Wellsprings Gun Shop: Grad SPT32 and Kenshin JKE-X2 (reputation 49).
West Wind Urbanization Gun Shop: Pali


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