Where Are All The Combinable Treasures Of Resident Evil 8 Village


Resident Evil 8 Village: We tell you where all the combined treasures of Resident Evil 8 Village are and thus get a lot of money in the game. Eye of Azure, Ring of Celestial Eye and more. As you play Resident Evil 8 Village, you will find a multitude of treasures that you can sell (not to be confused with the treasures of the village, which are indicated on the map by a chest icon). They are scattered around the world, and although some are nothing more than trinkets, there are others that can be combined with each other to make a piece of great value. In this section of our complete guide, we tell you how to get all the combinable treasures.

All combinable treasures from Resident Evil 8 Village

The first thing you have to know is that under no circumstances should you sell treasures lightly. The reason is that it is not always easy to detect what kind of treasures are combinable with others. Keep in mind that some seemingly worthless ones could be the linchpin in making a complete one for which the Duke will be willing to offer a lot of money. Here are all the combinable treasures and their locations.

Celestial Eye Ring
It is a silver ring with a celestial gem set and is made from two treasures that you can find in the same area. You need the following treasures.

Silver ring: at Dimitrescu Castle, on a table in the pleasure room.
Celestial Eye: In the dungeons of the Castle, as part of the treasure map quest that you can carry out once you get the Insignia Key. In our step-by-step tour of the area you have all the information.

Wooden goat
Represents the protective goats that you destroy in the game, although this in question is not a collectible, but a valuable treasure. You need two parts of her body to create it.

Wooden animal head: once you have the crank for wells, you will find it activating the only well in the main square
Wooden animal body: in the house next to the aforementioned well.


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