Where and when was the last season filmed


The Amazon Prime Video platform will deliver fans the long-awaited final episodes of everyone’s favorite historical drama, Vikings.

As fans know, the latest Vikings episode installment will take them on a journey through a number of different worlds, as each individual character has their story tied together.

In this sense, the creator of Vikings, Michael Hirst, explained how the different ‘scenarios’ will be presented, one of which will be Kattegat, the home of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

The main setting for the final episodes of Vikings, will be Kattegat, a place where the situation has remained tense, while the leadership of the kingdom is in doubt because people had begun to lose faith in their ruler.

Another of the scenarios of the last part of Vikings will be Kiev, where Ivar has planned the overthrow of Oleg so that the legitimate heir Igor takes the crown. Fans can also look forward to another scenario with a great battle in Wessex.

Vikings fans know that since the series began in 2013, the actual settings where the scenes they see on screen take place were filmed in Ireland. And, specifically County Wicklow, is where the fictional kingdom of Kattegat is based.

It is important to note that Ashford Studios is located in the same Irish county, a space that is used as a production base, and represents the place where many green screen shots were filmed.

Another place in Ireland that is used to shoot Viking scenes, Dublin was also used, along with the River Boyne, Powerscourt waterfall, Blessington and Powerscourt lakes.

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However, for the final season of Vikings the team moved to Vik, Norway, to film scenes showing the home of the Rus.

Vikings, will come to an end as of December 30, 2020, and fans are attentive counting the days until the arrival of the beginning of the end of the series, which was filmed two years ago.


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