When Will Your Nokia Mobile Be Updated To Android 11

Android 11: We are in 2021, which means that this year Google will release its Android 12 operating system. In fact, we are just 4 months away from Android 12 becoming a reality, and there are still many smartphone models that still run on Android 10 and do not have Android 11 -which officially came out at the end of the summer of 2020. Among them several Nokia models.

Nokia phones that update to Android 11

Nokia is always one of the first brands to update their leading and latest models to the new iterations of the Google OS for mobile phones, but with a fairly large catalog of families and smartphones, adoption is not instantaneous in all – or in practically any brand to Except for Google Pixels or iPhones.

There are many Nokia models on the market, and the Finnish manufacturer has updated the roadmap of the terminals of its brand that will be able to use Android 11. Specifically, these 16 models that we put below will be the ones that will be able to update to Android 11, on the date indicated.

Yes, by the time some models have version 11, Google will have already released Android 12, which again confirms how slow the full adoption process of a new operating system by different brands is in the case of Android.

Nokia phones that will receive Android 11

First Quarter 2021
Nokia 8.3 5G
Nokia 3.2

First – Second Quarter 2021

Nokia 8.1
Nokia 4.2
Nokia 2.3
Nokia 2.2

Second Quarter 2021

Nokia 5.4
Nokia 5.3
Nokia 3.4
Nokia 2.4
Nokia 1.4
Nokia 1.3

Third Quarter 2021

Nokia 9 Pureview
Nokia 7.2
Nokia 6.2



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