When will the Shiba coin start to grow 100 times?


The second largest meme token Shiba Inu (SHIB) last year offered its investors serious earning opportunities. The price has fallen seriously compared to the ATH region, while early investors earn more than 1000 times. So, can Shiba Coin start its 100x rally?

Shiba Coin

The most famous meme token, Shiba inu, has consolidated over the past few months, and there is always a 100-fold chance, although it disappoints investors. The Average Direction Index (ADX) for SHIB is at its lowest level since October 2021 and may start SHIB growth by 1035.96% and confuse shiba inu. At least, there is hope for this indicator.

But the lack of serious volatility for several months has mainly put upward pressure on the altcoin, which is weakening as the active trend has lost all its strength.

Does Shiba make a coin 100 times bigger?

It is clear that there will be no 1035% growth of the meme token, but the coin can take the opportunity to recover some of the losses that it has observed over the past few weeks. Given the presence of altcoin and its network in the crypto space, the support of its community remains the biggest multiplier. The latest development in this area was the launch of the public sale of SHIB Metaverse, which will further attract investors who want to become part of the Shiba inu ecosystem.

Thus, Shiba Coin is currently mainly preparing for an uptrend. Investors’ faith in shiba inu may be revived if the goals of the metaverse can cause excitement in the crypto community, as in the previous period. Shiba investors, whose faith has weakened, have been leaving the meme token for 2 months. A total of 80,000 SHIB investors said goodbye to this cryptocurrency, bringing the total number of holders down to 1.07 million.