When will the Huawei Mate 40 be introduced?


The launch date for the Huawei Mate 40 series has been announced. This launch was expected in September. However, due to both the US embargo and the pandemic effect, it was preferred for the October launch like many brands. Here is the launch date to be held online by Huawei:

Huawei Mate 40 series launch date announced

Huawei is preparing to come up with the Kirin 1000, which has a 5 nm processor architecture. This may be the last time we see the Kirin processor that once rocked the mobile processor market. At least TSMC and ARM will not be able to provide infrastructure support for this processor.

Forcing the top of the smartphone world despite everything this year, Huawei pointed to the October 22 date for the Mate 40 series. Four Mate 40 models will be featured in the online promotion.

Huawei Mate 40, Mate 40 Pro, Mate 40 Porsche Design and Mate 40 Pro Plus. The brand, which previously had a significant share in the market with the Lite models, at the upper level of the market, cannot come up with the Lite model this year due to the processor supply. Although the series is just around the corner, its features are not fully clear. However, it is useful to recall what we know.

Huawei Mate 40 series features

While the features of the Huawei Mate 40 series have not been fully clarified, the brand’s latest effort is expected to make a big impact on the flagship phone market. The Mate 40 will appear with a 6.67-inch curved screen. This screen is expected to have a 90Hz refresh rate.

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Although these features are not official, 120Hz refresh is almost standard on flagship phones nowadays, screen refresh seems a bit behind its competitors. However, if this refresh rate is used fixedly, it may give better results in addition to the screen refresh used by its competitors between 60-120Hz.

In terms of cameras, the Mate 40 is expected to include a 50 Megapixel main sensor, a 20 Megapixel ultra wide-angle camera and an 8 Megapixel telephoto camera. The phone may also have a laser autofocus module.

The Mate 40 Pro will be equipped with a perforated screen and symmetrical speakers. Its screen size will be 6.78 inches, and this screen will be accompanied by OLED architecture. It is also expected that this screen will also have a 90Hz screen refresh rate. On the other hand, Mate 40 Pro Plus is claimed to be able to use a waterfall screen from BOE. In terms of cameras, Plus may come with a 50 Megapixel sensor using Huawei’s liquid camera technology.

It is almost certain that the flagship Mate 40 models will use the Kirin 1000 processor with 5nm processor architecture as the processor. In terms of software, the Mate 40 Pro will be preinstalled with Android 11 and EMUI 11. EMUI 11 is also expected to be used for Mate 40 Pro Plus and Porsche Design.

However, it is talked in the backstage that the Huawei Mate 40 will come with an EMUI 10 version. Huawei Mate 40 series battery capacity has emerged as 4300mAh, 4600mAh and 5000mAh respectively. For Porsche Design, the battery capacity is not yet clear.


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