When will Suga return to the stage with the band?


ARMY will miss seeing Suga alongside his fellow BTS members too much, but how soon could he be back?

Korean boy band BTS is having a great year. They have been breaking one record after another. First, the music video for their single “Dynamite” surpassed 100 million views on the day of its debut alone. Now, it has amassed more than 600 million views, making it the fastest Korean team to accomplish this feat.

The song also debuted at No. 1 on music streaming giant Spotify’s daily Global Top 50 chart, recording 7.778 million streams on its debut day, dethroning Taylor Swift from her previous record of 7.7742 million streams for ” Cardigan”.

However, earlier this month, amid the air of celebration, we announced to you on La Verdad Noticias, that through an official statement Suga revealed that he underwent surgery for a tear in the shoulder labrum on November 3.

She had been struggling with this physical problem due to a shoulder injury dating back to before BTS’s debut. She later suffered a shoulder dislocation in 2013 and a posterior labrum tear in her left shoulder in 2019.

But he was committed to the projects and to the fans of BTS, the ARMY, so he only underwent surgery when symptoms worsened to an excruciating magnitude, including the inability to lift his arms and sudden waves of pain. He made sure to have surgery after filming and creating the BE album.


After the surgery, Yoongi, aka Suga, is supposed to “go through a strict and unhindered recovery period.” This recovery period means that it will be a while before Suga can see her fans again. She will also not participate in promotional events for the album.

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Jimin said when could Suga come back?

The conceptual shots of the album have been making the rounds on social media, because the photos look very recognizable as BTS, but at the same time they give a very different and novel atmosphere to the band members. The band has hooked their fans.

In an interview, Jimin shared that Suga is recovering well and implores fans not to worry too much. He shared that Suga gives them updates on his health and recovery. He added: “The surgery went well. She’s saying she misses them all. I hope you can also wish her speedy recovery with me. “There is no love lost in the BTS universe.

He also explained why this was the best time for Suga to seek medical attention: “Suga decided to get treatment early before his health deteriorated because he wants to be with you for a long time. If you wait a bit, you will soon see him back and healthy. ”

From the looks of it, Suga should bounce back the moment BE album sets out to set and break records. So Yoongi could most likely return with the group by early 2021. However, nothing has been confirmed. Do you think Suga will be able to come back next year with BTS?


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