When will Lucifer’s Season 5 premiere on Netflix?


After a long wait, Lucifer’s season 5 premiere finally arrived. Today (21) Netflix officially released the new episodes of the series of the favorite Devil of fans of series. However, what some may not know is that this is only the first part of the new season, so there will be more chapters.

Right after watching these chaotic episodes, it is impossible not to ask: when will Lucifer’s second year of Netflix debut on Netflix?

What we know about the end of season 5 of Lucifer

No nonsense: there are still eight episodes to know the outcome of the new season of the series. But, as we well know, the first part of season 5 ended frantically: Ella discovers that her boyfriend is indeed a serial killer. Daniel is going crazy with the fact that Lucifer is, well, Lucifer. Charlie may just be a mortal after all. And Maze is angry that Lucifer has hidden secrets from her.

To solve all this, we will need the final episodes of the new season, but there is still no preview of the debut on the streaming platform. It is very likely that everything is already filmed, but Netflix may want to ensure a good audience by holding on to the sequel and making sure it still has a good release up its sleeve.

Anyway, as soon as the information is revealed, we will tell you here.


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