When will Liverpool’s Expansion to Anfield Road End Be Completed?


Liverpool’s expansion to the Anfield Road End will increase the stadium’s capacity to 61,000 and will be another important step in the club’s off-field development.

The club began construction of a new grandstand on September 30, 2021, which was the beginning of a long-awaited journey to increase the number of seats at the stadium, the supply of which will never be able to match the demand.

The expansion continues, despite the fact that the subcontractor for the roof cladding in December switched to administrative work without completing work on the stand.

Liverpool will remove the existing roof of the Anfield Road grandstand immediately after the last home game of the season in May, a significant step before the £80 million grandstand is opened.

When will it be finished and what will be the capacity?

The new stand is expected to be completed this summer, by the start of the 2023/24 season.

Then the Anfield Road End will be able to accommodate another 7,000 fans, and the total capacity of the stands will be 15,967 people.

The new hotel suites will be located under the upper tier, and the club will have 1800 seats with a sports bar and hospitality facilities.

Thus, Anfield will be able to accommodate a total of 61,015 fans, including away fans, who will continue to be accommodated at the Anfield Road End.

What will it look like?

It will certainly be pleasing to the eye and visible from a great distance, as its height is 38 meters, creating an ominous sight like the Main Grandstand since its completion in 2016.

And let’s not forget that there will no longer be a blocked view from the back of lower Annie Road, hallelujah!

Take a look at yourself:

There will be a smooth transition from the roof of the main stand, which will create a special cauldron of noise that only Anfield creates.

It will be completed before we know it, and it will be a sight to behold!


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