When Will Huawei Introduce The Foldable Mate V Model?


Severely injured in the face of the USA, Huawei wants to draw attention with its foldable phone. So when will the Mate V model be introduced?


Having a hard time in the face of US sanctions, Huawei is trying to gain strength with the phones it introduces from time to time. The manufacturer, which lost a large audience after its flagship phones without 5G support, wants to draw attention with an innovative model. Mate V may be introduced soon.

The Chinese company, which has been investing in foldable phones for a while, will bring the Mate V model to the industry where Samsung is stronger. The device, which will be similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in design, came to light with a patent that was leaked long ago.

Huawei Mate V may be introduced in December

According to the patent, the Huawei Mate V, which can be folded in the middle, will become very small. This will put it ahead of standard phones in terms of portability. Apart from the 6.8-inch main screen, there will be a small 1.35-inch screen on the back. This small screen; It will let you see the time and notifications. In addition, calls can be tracked from this screen.

The company will introduce its new foldable phone at the event it will hold in December. Huawei Mate V, which is expected to take its power from HiSilicon production Kirin 9000 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, will settle in the flagship class. There will be three cameras on the back. In addition, the main camera will shoot with the signature of Leica.

Huawei is losing its user base

The ongoing 5G disease in its domestic market, China, has inflicted great damage on Huawei. The P50 series, which could not benefit from this technology due to US sanctions, did not attract the attention of users. Huawei’s bone mass, which was not preferred in the global market due to the lack of Google Services, shifted to other brands. Let’s see if this situation will change with the new Huawei Mate V.

So what do you think about this subject? Are foldable phones getting popular? Can Huawei regain its former power? You can answer all of these in the comments…


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