When the Past Was Around, analysis


We analyze When The Past Was Around, a short and silent narrative experience full of puzzles and with a story about loss, pain and overcoming.

It seems that the Indonesian developers Mojiken and Toge Productions have wanted to focus on the short and silent stories, leaving the player to recreate their own experience and open the feelings wide. After A Raven Monologue and Coffe Talk, they wanted to present When The Past Was Around, a beautiful point and click puzzle game about love, loss, pain, grief and all the improvement that lies behind it. On September 22 it could already be enjoyed for PC and in mid-December it reached the rest of platforms, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game offers a silent narration, introducing music as the main narrative element and causing great depth in each scene they present. Despite being a captivating and melancholic story, it is a fairly short trip where we can only enjoy it for an hour and a half.

It only remains to accept the pain

Eda and Owl are a couple in love that fate wanted to unite them, although not forever. She was lost in life, she wanted to achieve her dreams, achieve true love and she achieved it, she met Owl, an anthropomorphic owl with whom she will ignite her passion, find the flame of a relationship and learn to have a broken heart. Love stories like any other story have an ending, and in When The Past Was Around they wanted to present a somewhat bittersweet reality together with this young woman and her lover, and that is that, despite the pain, time is the true medicine. to accept and overcome pain. The game tries to overcome the past and find oneself without having to remember what makes us suffer. It will be set in a dream world with a particular melody that will be a way of expressing, feeling and communicating the narration of this story.

At first we see Eda walking slowly towards a dark, fuzzy man who is locked in a cage. When we interact with him we can release him, which causes him to get up, appear a door and disappear behind it, but not before encouraging us and inviting us to join them on a journey full of emotions and feelings that surrounds the past and the present. It may seem strange, but with the development of the story we will end up understanding what it is about and we will have an explanation for this metaphor. The later scenes will be a journey through all the memories of her together, emphasizing the small daily pleasures that she has to do with her life, her passion and her love. However, all of them will have a relationship and a nexus that at no time will make us feel lost in the narration of the story.


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