When The Latest Psychological Drama Starring Sadie Sink Hits The Screens, Here Are Some of The Best Quotes From “Dear Zoey”


The outstanding actress of the TV series “stranger things” Sadie Sink has again hit the top of the news thanks to her recent film “Dear Zoey”. It is reported that this is a psychological drama series in which Tess DeNunzio (Sadie) experiences an unimaginable loss as a teenager. Years later, she writes a letter to her younger sister, who is no longer in the world. As she writes, her real-life story slowly unfolds on the road to recovery.

She gets the love she deserves, but not in the way she was supposed to. After a storm of emotions, she struggles with her devastated family on the path of resistance. However, at the end of the film we see Tess smiling and starting a new life. Throughout the film, Sadie Sink and her film partners deliver truly touching dialogues that amaze the audience right in the feelings.

Struggling with separated parents who have just suffered the tragic loss of their youngest daughter, she finds herself in a quagmire of grief. Inspiring lines explain to viewers the concept of grief and coping mechanisms, as well as express unfiltered opinions about what it means to be a family in “Dear Zoey”.

Guilt and grief are a powerful combination

Throughout the entire execution time, it is Tess who tells the entire script. In the process, she tells us how she feels responsible for what happened to her younger sister on the day she died. Because of her negligence, she can’t bring herself to forgive her for Zoey’s death. That’s where she said this dialogue, which is at the top of the list. To this is added the suffering of the Gladstone family, which serves its internal trauma.

It’s the only way to see you

Injured in her own home, Tess seeks solace from her biological father and underage neighbor Jimmy. When one day she runs away to her ex’s house, they realize that they need more time with each other. Jimmy plays an important role, because it is from him that Tess regains the lost will to live her life.

This is Life, right?

When Tess first visits Jimmy in his room, the latter begins to talk about the tragic incident with his own mother. He tries to comfort her, saying that it was hard on his part too, but that’s life. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice, and Jimmy continues to make her understand the meaning of life.

“I would never leave you… Never”

Ellie Gladstone, the mother of Tess and Zoey, plays a significant role in the film. Being a parent who let her children down, she has a difficult relationship with an older one.

Things go awry, especially after Zoey’s tragic death, and their relationship takes an unpleasant turn again. However, they always try to be close to each other and provide the comfort and support that everyone deserves in a devastated family. The world does not stop wreaking havoc around an already devastated family.

Adapting such a sensitive story from paper to screen is, of course, not an easy job. The work of directing the film was entrusted to director Gren Wells. He delicately builds a narrative with great attention to intricate details. However, none of this would have been worth it if it hadn’t been for Sadie Sink.

“Dear Zoya” is available for viewing on Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Vudu after renting or buying a movie.


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