When the last broadcast season would arrive on Netflix


Season 10 of The Walking Dead began on AMC from October 6, 2019 to April 5, 2020. However, production of the final episode called “A Certain Doom” was unable to air due to production issues.

In previous years, new seasons of The Walking Dead were released on Netflix in September and had never been delayed, however, we are not sure that will be the case for season 10.

As we said, episode 16 was delayed due to production issues and AMC ended up releasing it by the end of the year we left behind. The production company also confirmed the production of six additional episodes in 2021 at that time.

The remaining episodes, now labeled season 10c, will begin again on February 28 and end on April 4, 2021. As we originally mentioned, there were several possible release date schedules for season 10 of The Walking Dead on Netflix.

We get part a and part b in the usual place with the additional episodes falling later (this is definitely not the case now)
We have to wait until the end of part b and all six episodes before it hits Netflix.
That leads us to believe that we should be streaming The Walking Dead season 10 on Netflix no later than late summer 2021. But it will most likely be late April or May.


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