When the iceberg capsizes, they are crushed to death.


Two men tried to scale an iceberg in the middle of the sea, but were almost killed when the large “ice rock” was overturned. It almost crushed them.

Mike Horn is world renowned for his adventures of exploration, taking incredible hikes in some of the coldest places on Earth. However, after 30 years of seeing the world, his latest adventure almost ended in disaster.

In a clip that’s sure to have you chilling, Horn and his teammate, Fred Roux, hop off a boat as they cruise through Svalbard, an archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole.

As they climb the massive iceberg, using spiked climbing boots and poles to help them ascend, everything seems to be going well as the boat drifts away to capture a wider shot.

However, in an instant, the iceberg suddenly begins to descend underwater. Fortunately, the climbers managed to escape to the side before it collapsed on them, at which point the crew lowered the camera and presumably went to help the adventurers.

“I’ve been doing my stupid things for 30 years all over the world, I’ve had quite a few accidents, but we always try to do it safely, make the right decision at the right time, to come home alive,” Horn explained in a post. to France Bleu.

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