When the heart calls Erin Krakow and other stars together celebrate the renewal of season 10 in Italy


The ninth season of “When the Heart Calls” may have ended without an encouraging guarantee that it will return with more Elizabeth and company in the Valley of Hope, but fans didn’t have to wait long. Less than a month after the Season 9 finale, Hallmark has officially renewed the popular series, releasing a tenth season, which will be an impressive milestone. The leading actress Erin Krakow and her partners in the film hurried to celebrate the good news … together in Italy!

“When the Heart Calls” has been renewed for a tenth season, which will reach and then exceed the 100-episode mark, according to ET, which also reports that former “Wolf Cub” and “Supergirl” executive producer Lindsay Sturman will become the new showrunner. The extension is not shocking, as the ninth season has become a hit in the ratings with an average of 2.9 million viewers per week. The finale was the most watched episode of the season: a total of 3.1 million viewers tuned in to see Lucas’s proposal to Elizabeth, which may have been waiting for a long time.

This is great news for fans who are currently on hiatus, and Erin Krakow celebrated this event with several of her film colleagues while in Italy. Look at the wide smiles on the faces of the stars!

Apparently, there is a way to make a trip to Italy even more exciting, and this is an update! Erin Krakow celebrated important news in Italy, walking with co-stars Ben Rosenbaum, Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace. Another co-star left an excited message in her comments section, and Andrea Brooks (who also appeared in Supergirl) wrote:

Living life!!!!!!! See you guys, ooooooo! ❤️

It’s unclear when the entire cast will see each other to begin filming season 10, but at least they know they’ll be back together for new stories in the Valley of Hope! Krakow’s film colleagues (and apparently travel buddies) all posted the same photo of the four of them, and the prevailing opinion seems to be that getting great news in Italy. Kayla Wallace ‘s Instagram caption reads:

The news has just reached Italy🇮🇹 Mamma Mia! It’s us again! #Season10 Congratulations to my family “When the heart calls”🌹

Wallace added the hashtag #hearties, which means that she is grateful to the fans for their support. “Mamma Mia!” definitely seems like a fair reaction, with or without a trip to Italy! In his own post, Kevin McGarry left his own “Mama Mia” after the news reached them, while Ben Rosenbaum wrote “Cin cin”, which means “hurrah” in Italian and corresponds to the champagne glasses emoji he chose for his post. mail.

Meanwhile, in a second Instagram post, Erin Krakow posted several heart emojis along with a message of gratitude to both the Hallmark Channel and the Hearties who have watched and supported the show all these years. All things considered, even if fans can’t celebrate with a trip to Italy, it’s great news to get a few weeks after the final.

If you want to revisit any of the past seasons of “When the Heart Calls,” you can find all nine broadcasts on Hallmark Movies Now. The show has gone through a lot of changes over the years, including the murder of the original protagonist (although Daniel Lissing later reprised his role) and the controversy with Laurie Laughlin, but it’s ready to release 100 episodes, and hopefully many more after.

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