When Ryan Reynolds Revealed The Main Lesson About Bullying That He Teaches His Daughters, “Every Bully…”


Parenting is the hardest job. Especially if someone is a public person, you need to be a little more careful. But an influential couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, do a great job as parents. They take their real life experience, what they didn’t get from their parents, what they would like to have, and understand the needs of their children. Project Adam was one of the greatest films Reynolds was a part of. He learned life lessons from the film and taught them to his children.

Netflix recently announced the most watched movies and TV series in 2022. In second place was the “Adam Project”. An excerpt from an interview of the American-Canadian actor with Kevin McCarthy appeared on the Internet, in which he told how he teaches life lessons to his daughters.

Ryan Reynolds Has the Most Loving Way to Teach His Daughters

Unlike Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively actually raise their own children. In this interview, speaking about the Adam project, Reynolds once mentioned bullying. He said, “Every bully has a bully,” and talked about what lessons he learned from it. This phrase from the film, according to the actor, says a lot about empathy and changes the idea of it.

However, this does not justify bullying, but gives you an understanding of the other person’s psyche. As a child, it’s really hard to understand. But the owner of Wrexham AFC teaches this to his children in the kindest way. He teaches them to understand that when someone attacks, that person is also hurt. A basic understanding of the aggressor’s behavior helps children behave in a certain way.

Well, the Deadpool actor as a child wanted someone to tell him these things too. But no one did. And so he tries to fill in the gaps by teaching these things to his daughters. Now that he is also the father of 3 daughters and a fourth child on the way, he wants to be able to help his children with these things.

What of the things you would like to know as a child, do you know now? Feel free to share your thoughts during the broadcast of the Adam project here.


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