When news of Alexandra Daddario’s wedding in New Orleans becomes public, the “White Lotus” star shared details about “music, drinking” and fighting the heat


With the marital engagement, which apparently took place back in August 2021, the veteran of the “White Lotus” and the future star of the Mayfair Witches Anne Rice Alexandra Daddario and her fiance, producer Andrew Form, officially tied the knot! Two Hollywood stars celebrated their wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana, and judging by Daddario’s descriptions and photos taken at the event, everyone was having a very good time. Especially the bride and groom, of course.

Speaking to Vogue, which broke the news of the wedding via an interview and photo essay, Alexandra Daddario said her initial dream of a wine-soaked Italian wedding changed after she started a new acting job in New Orleans (presumably the aforementioned Ann Rice adaptation). , and realized that the music, booze and party atmosphere would match their desires.

The event was held in the historic Preservation Hall, and Daddario explained why they chose the iconic French Quarter music venue as a wedding venue rather than something more traditional.

We tried to achieve a relaxed aesthetic. We liked the appearance of Preservation Hall — it was so old, so historical that it betrayed its age and “shortcomings”. That’s what makes it so beautiful. We wanted it to be about music, booze and the real New Orleans. We swore, we cried, and Andrey’s children were his grooms and ring bearers. We wanted the ceremony itself to be short so that people could get a dose of love and then go back to the music and catch up.

After the ceremony was over and Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form were declared husband and wife, the celebration took to the street when the second-line brass band conducted the wedding party and guests across the Block to a reception at a local bar. Apparently there was a dance party that lasted all night, with Tarot card readings for those who were interested and cheeseburgers for those who wanted to soak up some alcohol.

As anyone who has ever set foot in Southern Louisiana knows, the month of June can be absolutely miserable when it comes to heat and humidity, and Daddario said they took that into account when deciding what they would wear when walking down the aisle. According to her:

I fell in love with Danielle Frankel’s dresses. I followed them on Instagram. They sent me a message and we chatted, and when I went to their studio, I just felt beautiful in everything. I chose my dress because it seemed to me that it belonged to New Orleans and was the right choice for hot Louisiana.

The actress, whose fashion choices (as well as wardrobe malfunctions) have attracted the attention of many fans over the years, said she also didn’t pay much attention to accessories and makeup before the ceremony, given the heat of the day. meaning. Of course, it’s not like sweaty buckets robbed the joy of the event, as both Daddario and Form shine in the photos. If only there were a few rocks in New Orleans from which to dive to cool off a little.

We hope the couple shares many wonderful memories together, and that none of this will get in the way of Ann Rice’s “Mayfair Witches,” which is due to debut on AMC and AMC+ at some point later this year. In the meantime, check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022 to find out what other new and returning shows will appear before then.