When Millie Bobby Brown left Bella Hadid absolutely speechless because of THIS thing


When you’re Millie Bobby Brown, it’s not hard for you to surprise someone with your skills. The star of the TV series “Stranger Things”, who began acting at the age of 8, left behind many celebrities in the film industry. And Bella Hadid is no exception. Like every one of us, even Bella Hadid is a fan of the heroic Hawkins gang from “Stranger Things.”

Millie in the form of Eleven never ceased to amaze us with her telekinetic abilities. However, Brown managed to leave Hadid cheated out of something bigger. Read the article in full to find out what it is about.

Bella Hadid Was Surprised that Millie Bobby Brown was Wearing Shit Designed by Her

The 18-year-old star of the TV series “Stranger Things” is obsessed with singing. There have been countless videos and clips on all her social media pages that show Millie either singing along to popular artists or lip-syncing all her favorite songs. A few years ago, Brown took to Instagram again, passionately lip-syncing to the song “Sorry, Not Sorry.” During the rumble at full volume in his car, the star was wearing a white shirt, which was part of Bella Hadid’s collaboration with Chrome Hearts. Hadid, after seeing her clip, was shocked when she realized that Millie was wearing a shirt created by her.

The American model expressed her surprise by posting the same thing on her Instagram page. Her happiness and state of shock were visible through her caption, which read: “Baby!!! Love!!! Wearing @chromeheartsxbella, I’ll die for you @milliebobbybrown” and “I’m going crazy, it’s okay.”

Brown always brought surprises. Every day the star demonstrates more and more of her talents, which amaze her fans, as well as other actors. Whether it’s accidentally setting fire to a scene, rapping at Jimmy Fallon, or blowing up the internet with her amazing moves under a guy from Walmart, we love everything she does.

Such great brilliance and experience at such an early age is as rare as a blue moon. Hollywood was certainly lucky to have Millie Bobby Brown as a multimillion-dollar celebrity at the very beginning of her career. Achieving such success at just the age of 18 just sheds light on her unimaginable future efforts that she has yet to conquer.

How did you like Millie’s fashion sense and iconic singing traits? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments below.


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