When Millie Bobby Brown and Emma Watson turned all eyes on themselves at the award ceremony


A huge success after “Stranger Things” in the industry, leading actress Millie Bobby Brown has always been in the hall of fame. Since then she has been hailed as one of the big names in Hollywood, stars from around the corner have been thrilled to meet the youngest talent in between. Most of them already had a great chance, but actresses like Emma Watson got it late.

Brown, who is considered a mini-Hermione, was deprived of the opportunity to meet with Watson. However, the two stars accidentally bumped into each other at the awards ceremony, leaving the audience delighted. That’s how it happened.

When Millie Bobby Brown bumped into Emma Watson at the awards ceremony

Initially, when “Stranger Things” became a worldwide hit with an exponentially growing number of fans, many celebrities met and congratulated the young actress of that era. Despite being late, Millie still managed to shake hands with the Harry Potter actress at the MTV Awards ceremony.

On May 7, 2017, a meeting of two actresses took place. They both went to receive their awards for Best Actor in a TV series and Best Actor in a movie. While Millie won the award in the show category, Emma held the trophy for the films.

After their stage performance dedicated to the presentation of awards, Brown greeted her eldest with great love and respect, while she herself was in a state of shock. Emma was just as excited to finally see the growing sensation of the Generation Z era.

The pictures also show a photobomb of Hugh Jackman, also known as Wolverine, between amazing women. And, to be honest, his reaction to their meeting was as overwhelming as ours that evening.

Speaking of Jackman, the star recently officially informed us about his collaboration with “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds for the upcoming film. The duo is just as happy to get together on the screen for their fans as we are. According to them, “Deadpool 3” is officially in development and will be released on September 6, 2024.

How did you like the story of how Eleven and Hermione met out of nowhere? Are you excited about Deadpool 3 too? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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