When “Men in Black” Star Chris Hemsworth Had Nothing But Praise For OG “MIB” Will Smith


If we put aside the 2022 Oscar controversy for a while, Will Smith will be nothing more than a treasure trove of talent. During his huge career, the actor has presented the industry with several stunning, eye-widening dramas. From his career as a rap mogul in the role of the Fresh Prince to many award-winning films such as “King Richard”, “Chasing Happiness” and “Men in Black”. His latest historical drama “Emancipation” is also a very notable project worthy of an Oscar.

Speaking specifically about his rare sci-fi film, the original Men in Black, the American actor received nothing but praise. His performance was truly charismatic along with Tommy Lee Jones. In addition to the fact that it is unique and necessarily a creation of the second half of the 1990s, it is quite possible that this is the best popcorn film of that five-year period. And the great merit in this is the witty actors. It is noteworthy that even Chris Hemsworth had nothing but words of appreciation for his performance.

Chris Hemsworth once praised Will Smith for his exciting performance in the film OG Men In Black.

The attention-grabbing duo “Thor: Ragnarok”, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, also pleased the audience with their rather remarkable performance of the super agent “Men in Black: International”. Apparently, they are working together as Agent M and Agent X to uncover a sinister plot that exposes a traitor in an organization aiding an alien invasion.

And, talking to people about their conclusions from the original 1997 film, Hemsworth, in particular, admitted that he considers Will Smith “the most charismatic person on the planet.” In addition, the character of Thor Odinson was only fourteen when he first saw “The Fresh Prince” in the late 90s in a detective series, which, apparently, remained a popcorn movie until the end of the decade.

The actors also admitted that the 1997 film “Men in Black” gives subtle hints in the most unexpected way and makes us think about “what the world really is”, where the real pearl is hidden.

Do you agree with the actors? Do you think Will Smith did an amazing job in the super agent movie? Let us know in the comments below.


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