When Kanye West’s close friend “Once Upon a Time in a Fairy Tale” Kendall Jenner quietly took her stand against him after his Yeezy Season 9 Fashion fiasco


Kanye West (now Ye) has been at the center of scandals lately. Artists since the time of Alexander Pope may be considered a little unusual and contrary to generally accepted norms, but now times have changed. The news spreads in the blink of an eye, and you are expelled from society, perhaps you are experiencing the fall of Satan.

West was either too proud or just careless. But his actions and opinions about the Jewish community gave him too much concern. The owner of the Yeezy brand has faced everything from having to sever ties with his partner brands, such as Adidas, to receiving negative feedback from many former celebrity friends.

And back in October of this year, when the rap mogul decided to include his White Lives Matters T-shirt in one of the fashion promotions, Jaden Smith also decided to leave him. Well, any debutant star would not want to support or be part of such disputes that could affect their career and respect in society. It is noteworthy that he was not alone in his disagreement. The sister of his ex-wife and a close friend of West also supported the 24-year-old American rapper.

When Jaden Smith left Kanye West’s Show

Jaden Smith noticeably left the October Ye’s fashion show in Paris when he decided to present his controversial White Lives Matters project as part of the fun. And Kendall Jenner calmly took her position by putting a like. Vogue fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson also called his actions at the Yeezy Season 9 fashion show “an unjustified insult.” Singers such as Gigi Hadid supported her statement.

The Cabin Fever singer later tweeted claiming he would not be part of the message that seems wrong. In another tweet, he wrote: “I had to take dope, lol.” Kendall Jenner showed her position and support for the singer by giving a thumbs up.

Do you agree with Jayden Smith? Or do you think Kanye West is in his place? What do you think of Jenner’s quiet support? Let us know in the comments below.


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