When Kanye West praised his “favorite rapper” Lil Baby on Instagram


Rapper No Child Left Behind Kanye West is popular due to his activity on social networks. People are used to the singer beating and dragging people for no particular reason. For example, the hate campaigns of Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift. However, the Grammy-winning artist decided to change the situation a little. The rapper, notorious for humiliating other artists, once complimented someone. Lil Baby, aka the rapper who won the Apple Music Awards in the category “Artist of the Year” in 2020, once became the object of Ye’s adoration.

Kanye West and his Lil Baby Obsession

Earlier this year, Kanye West showed that he is a big fan of Lil Baby, with his social media posts. Much like his breakdowns this year, Ye had a similar downward spiral in 2020 when he was married to Kim Kardashian. Rapper No Child Left Behind liked to go to social networks in godless times and write about everything that came to his mind.

During one of these escapades, Kanye West declared his love for the rapper Harder Than Ever, Lil Baby, in the same post as “Chris Jong-un”. Meanwhile, Lil Baby has been nurturing cult fans since the release of his mixtape Perfect Timing in 2017.

Anyone who listened to the mixtape rightfully became obsessed with the rapper. And Kanye West, despite the mess he likes to get involved in, is just a passionate musician. That’s why he wanted to collaborate with Lil Baby.

The rapper wrote: “Lil Baby is my favorite rapper, but he won’t sing with me.” After all, Lil Baby starred in Kanye West’s Grammy Award-winning song called Hurricane. However, Ye Lil Baby’s admiration was not limited only to his musical talents.

The No Child Left Behind singer posted a photo of Lil Baby in a simple black outfit. And signed the photos “I love this landing @libaby”. In addition, Lil Baby wore this outfit at the Balenciaga fashion show, and it looks like it definitely caught West’s attention.

Do you think West and Lil Baby are friends? Have you watched Kanye West’s documentary on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.


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