When is Consumer Day celebrated?


World Consumer Rights Day, which celebrates the rights that consumers have achieved so far, is a date celebrated worldwide. Its origin was a speech made by the ex-president of the United States, John Kennedy, on March 15, 1962. In his speech, he emphasized the basic principles of protecting the interests of consumers: right to security, information, choice and right to be heard.

Considered a milestone, his speech inspired the creation of the date. Some time later, on March 15, 1983, the first Consumer Day was celebrated. Since then, the event is celebrated annually on the same day.

In Brazil, the celebration takes place in a slightly different way. Although the initial objective was to highlight consumer rights, the date ended up taking on a commercial role, after retailers saw an opportunity to amend the profits of Black Friday and the holiday season. Doesn’t act for the Consumer Day is known by many as the “Black Friday of the first semester”.

But, how does it interfere with the date? Although the official date is March 15th, stores in Brazil have determined the closest Wednesday as the promotional day, that is, when promotions appear more strongly. On that day, both physical and online stores offer promotions and offers with special shopping conditions for consumers. With that in mind, Consumer Day will be celebrated on March 17, 2021.

However, as with Black Friday, promotions do not focus on a single day. For this reason, the term “Consumer Week” came about. As the name suggests, offers start on Monday and run until Friday, March 15th. After all, by spraying promotions, stores are able to avoid competition and attract the attention of potential customers.

If your intention is to take advantage of the date to shop, stay tuned, as it will be possible to find discounts throughout the week. And, if you don’t want to miss anything about Consumer Day, stay connected to TecMundo!