When Henry Cavill told what Millie Bobby Brown did on the set of “Enola Holmes”


Over the years, we have witnessed many iconic crossovers between various actors and actresses on the screen. Apart from their individual performances, watching two incredible artists together on screen is certainly interesting. One of such memorable couples is Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown in the action movie “Enola Holmes”.

In the detective film, Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes, the older brother of Enola Holmes, played by Brown. Although it was extremely interesting to watch the duo on screen, Cavill made some funny revelations about his experience working with the actress of the TV series “Stranger Things“.

Enola Holmes is one of the few projects involving such a huge ensemble of actors. In addition to Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown, the film stars Sam Claflin and Louis Partridge. So, what was the experience of the Witcher actor with Brown? Let’s find out.

Henry Cavill on working with Millie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes, the mysterious 2020 Netflix original, is one of Netflix’s most watched original films. In addition to the exciting plot, the cast attracted everyone’s attention in the film. It was also the first time that Henry and Millie Bobby Brown worked together on a project. Earlier, in an interview with extratv, the Fallout “Mission Impossible” actor made some funny revelations about Brown.

Describing this time with Brown, the British actor said: “She also harassed me, trying to get me to shoot videos in the style of tick-tock and the like. And yes, it was a hard pass on my part.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the host asked Cavill if he receives regular news from the actress of the TV series “Stranger Things” about Love Island. The Witcher star admitted that Millie kept him up to date on Love Island, whether he wanted to or not. In addition, Henry praised Millie’s performance. “Man of Steel” showed how much Millie was an incredible performer, besides the fact that she was an extraordinary person. Interestingly, Millie Bobby Brown is also the producer of the film. Cavill even added: “There was a lot of extra work on her, and she coped.”

After the incredible first part, Enola Holmes will be continued, and Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown will retain their roles of Sherlock and Enola. Unfortunately, Sam Claflin will no longer be a part of the film. At the moment, the film is due to be released on November 4, 2022.


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