When do the events of New Tales From the Borderlands take place?


“Gamescom 2022″, “Premiere live. Thanks to such interesting games as Dead Island 2 and Killer Clowns From Outer Space, the beginning of the Gamescom exhibition has already given gamers a lot to talk about. But one of the other noteworthy games was the New Tales from the Frontier, an indirect continuation of the Fairy Tale from the Frontier, a spin-off of the Control Games of 2014.

This week, the software gearbox has fully revealed the spiritual successor to the previous version of the tattletale, and fans of the narrative-oriented, choice-oriented format will undoubtedly be happy to manage the chaotic journeys of other characters from the new fairy tale from the frontier. However, with spin-offs and prequels alongside the main parts of the Frontier franchise, it can be a little difficult to keep track of when things should be happening, and many players are wondering where the New Tales from Borderlands fit into the timeline.

A new cast of characters in a familiar setting

Some players have been disappointed that the new Tales from the Borderlands seems to be moving away from Rhys, Fiona, Sasha and Vaughn and instead focusing on a whole new cast of eclectic outcasts, but others are excited about the new direction of the story. The new tales from Borderlands and will feature three main characters — the idealistic genius Dr. Anuradha Dhar, her street brother Octavio Wallace-Dhar and Fran Miskovic, a small business owner with anger issues. These cute outsiders will try to change the world by facing a planetary invasion, a monstrous Asylum dweller and a corrupt capitalist on the war-torn urbanized planet of Prometheus.

Gamers will probably be familiar with this particular metropolis, as it is the headquarters of the Atlas Corporation and one of the places they visited in the Borderlands 3 game. After Atlas falls and then rebirth under the leadership of new CEO Rhys Strongfork (whom players will also learn from the tale from the Outskirts), Promethea has gone through difficult times. The action takes place in Borderlands 3 seven years after the events of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands and Tales from the Borderlands, so Rhys has come a long way since players witnessed his adventures with Fiona, and with the new appearance of Prometheus, New Tales from Borderlands and more closely related to the fourth main entry in the series borderlands.

Continued from Borderlands 3

It seems that the action of the New Tales from the Frontier takes place about a year after the invasion of Malivan and the Children of the Refuge on Prometheus, which was shown in Frontier 3, so players can expect to encounter an altered planet. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of threats, and it seems that the main trio of potential heroes will have to cope with them more than enough. They will get into dangerous situations after dangerous situations, trying to get the key to the vault, and players will be tasked with choosing how their adventures will turn out, through a decision-based gameplay.

The change of the developer from the Tattlers to the gearbox can lead to a lot of modifications, but the first trailer of a new fairy tale from Borderlands indicates that the upcoming game will not depart from the humorous and audacious tone of its predecessors or miss any self-referential jokes. The developer also said that the new tales are from Borderlands and will be a self-contained story, so fans don’t have to worry about other parts of the franchise, even if the action takes place shortly after in the Borderlands 3 game and has some overlap with the previous tales from the Borderlands.

New Stories from Borderlands is released on October 21 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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