When did Elizabeth II know of her pregnancy?


It’s official: a royal baby will soon be born. Indeed, Meghan Markle is starting her second pregnancy. Did the queen know?

They are said to be cold with the royal family: Meghan Markle and Harry are expecting a new child. If they have hung up on their responsibilities, have they informed the Queen beforehand? Did they take care to put everyone in the spotlight? This pregnancy is no longer a secret … It remains to be seen if this pregnancy follows the protocol.

Meghan Markle is expecting her second child, after little Archie, born almost 2 years ago. Indeed, we know from reliable sources that the Duchess has indeed started her second pregnancy.

All in all, excellent news at the start of 2021. Especially since this news must already rejoice the Sussex couple who have had an eventful year.

As a reminder, the duo had to face terrible news last summer. The ex-actress suffered a miscarriage that upset her more than ever.

United in this tragedy, the couple finally reiterated this by conceiving a new child. But did they nevertheless inform the Crown, as is customary in a royal pregnancy?

After all, Meghan Markle threw Harry to the other side of the globe, despite his status as a prince. So did they do things on their own without telling the Queen?


According to Chris Ship, a crowned-head journalist, the Windsor clan has not been put down this time. As is customary, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have therefore indeed informed the higher authorities.

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This, despite the fact that they rejected royalty out of hand. It was therefore from their property in Santa Barbara that they chose to make their announcement.

An announcement that must have delighted the fans of this atypical couple who do not care about conventions. As for the royal family, they were able to find out about the news before anyone else.

According to a tweet from Chris Ship, Elizabeth II learned of the pregnancy “shortly before the announcement was made public.” Never mind: they haven’t turned their backs on the Queen.

This, even if for some time, we tend to qualify them as thugs of royalty. Meghan Markle and Harry didn’t seem to be really enjoying Buckingham.

As for this child who will be Archie’s little brother or sister, it is highly likely that he will be born in the United States. Speaking of which, Meghan Markle’s eldest son seems to have taken on the American accent.

So it would not be surprising if the second born also expresses himself as a true American! Also, Harry and his wife don’t seem to want to give him a royal title.


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