When “Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds Was Rejected by Tony Stark of The Avengers, AKA Robert Downey Jr.


When the first “Deadpool” was released in theaters in 2016, people saw an obscene superhero movie for the first time. And who better to play the potter hero than Ryan Reynolds himself? Both the character and the Canadian achieved huge worldwide success overnight. And since then, the actor has become Mr. Funny Guy of Hollywood. When Marvel released Avengers: Infinity War, Reynolds had a pretty funny way to celebrate the success of the film and congratulate the team that created it.

When “Avengers: Infinity War” was released in theaters, it was a huge success. He broke all box office records, even Deadpool. But Ryan Reynolds was not upset. Instead, he shared a hilarious post on his Instagram that showed Deadpool’s rejection letter from Iron Man! It’s like responding to a letter from a Mercenary with a Mouth to Iron Man wanting to be part of the Avengers. However, Tony Stark does not have him in the team. Instead, in his trademark style, he directly rejected his request and told him to bother Professor X of the X-Men.

The letter is photographed on a dirty table with a giant bottle of antacids next to it. The father-of-four captioned it: “From a guy who never knows when to give up, I’m glad you guys didn’t,” sweetly paying tribute to superheroes and their sacrifices to defeat the big bad guy.

Fans have long wanted to see Deadpool fight alongside the Avengers. However, so far this has not been realized. An unusual superhero finally appears for the first time in the Marvel company.

Ryan Reynolds is working on “Deadpool 3” and also wants to beat his best friend Hugh Jackman.

The star of the “Proposal” spends hours in the gym to prepare for the triquel. For his first official entry into the Marvel universe, he also takes his best friend Hugh Jackman with him. But they have fake online beef as they prepare for their roles. Recently, the Canadian posted a selfie in the gym, in which he shouted to the Australian that he was not lagging behind the Jackmans!

Jackman, much to the delight of fans, announced that he would once again play the role of Logan in the triquel. Since in the 2017 movie Logan saw his character die at the end, his reprisal for the role won’t try to change that. Instead, Deadpool 3 will be set in the timeline before Logan’s events.

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