When Calls The Heart: talking about his character


In a recent interview with TV Insider, actor Kevin McGarry talked more about Nathan Grant, his character on the series When Calls The Heart. The period production, which returns for its 8th season next Sunday (21), will have new intense conflicts that will cause the growth of relations between the protagonists.

“Nathan’s near-death experience seen at the end of season 7 gave him a more focused and direct view. He’s ready to commit to what he wants, ”revealed Kevin McGarry, adding that in the new episodes, the audience will see a deepening of Nathan’s relationship with Elizabeth (Erin Krakow).

According to the actor, his character’s past may still affect his beloved’s current life much more. He points out that Allie (Lily Miller) and Bill (Jack Wagner) will be closer to Nathan in the new season.

“It has been fun to see the dynamics of these characters progress as they begin to trust each other more,” he commented, saying that the advice received by these people is always very direct. “There is no room to save feelings,” he added.

Find out more about what’s next in the When Calls The Heart series

The filming of a period plot has several precautions so that everything is tied in a credible way. But for Kevin McGarry, the job is quite fun, especially when it comes to sequences involving horses. “It’s a mixture of excitement and exhaustion,” he said.

With the release of season 8, fans are very much looking forward to the development of the love triangle. McGarry believes it is time for the audience to see a little more of the characters’ choices. “I think it’s about time,” he vibrated. “The series also proved that anything can happen in Hope Valley,” he concluded.

When Calls The Heart returns with new episodes starting on February 21st.


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