When Calls The Heart: Erin Krakow talks about season 8


Hallmark released on Wednesday (10) a very special interview for the 8th season of When Calls The Heart. The series, starring Erin Krakow (interview subject), is an engaging drama and, in the new season, should address the love triangle between Nathan Grant, Lucas Bouchard and the protagonist Elizabeth Thornton.

Check out the interview (in English) with actress Erin Krakow:

When Calls The Heart’s new season will have Elizabeth’s decision

According to actress Erin Krakow, Elizabeth will finally make her choice in the new episodes. After all, even fans agree that it’s time for the teacher to follow her heart. Elizabeth’s trajectory took a surprising turn when her husband, Jack Thornton, died in combat. At the time, she was pregnant with her child.

In the coming seasons, sparks of romance appeared between Elizabeth and Lucas, until she realized that she also had feelings for Nathan when she thought he had died.

In season 8 of When Calls The Heart, a few months passed after the events of last season. The scenes show a whirlwind of emotions in Elizabeth, while her two love interests fight for her.

In fact, Lucas doesn’t seem to want to fight for himself and believes that the love between the two is true and sufficient for them to be together. Meanwhile, Nathan had a recent near-death experience and now wants to achieve his dreams anyway.