When Calls The Heart: All about the launch of season 8


The debut of the 8th season of When Calls The Heart took a leap in time, but it seems that viewers missed nothing in that period. After all, Hope Valley residents were on vacation or dealing with their own problems. However, a lot of drama was part of this exciting first episode, especially with the arrival of Dylan, Allie’s real father.

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Find out everything about the season 8 premiere of When Calls The Heart

Rosemary and Lee have just returned from their vacation in Africa, while Clara and Jesse are trying to get used to the wedding. As much as they had a relationship before, living under the same roof is a challenge for which they were not prepared. Mainly because the two have always had their own communication problems.

Soon, the plot surrendered to the big clich├ęs of the beginning of the marriage: Clara crying and Jesse leaving the house to vent. Rosemary and Lee have a lot of experience with relationships and have advised the two in the past. So, maybe that will repeat itself now.

A simple solution appears: the two buy a double bicycle and go for a ride together. It may not seem like a big deal, but it serves as a reminder that they need to do the things they love together for the marriage to work.

Meanwhile, Lucas is busy rebuilding a school that was destroyed after a hurricane. Upon returning, he admits that the trip has helped him to have more perspective on things and that, regardless of what Elizabeth decides, he just wants her to be happy. Which is good, since Nathan got a date with her and Elizabeth still has a space in her heart reserved for him.

But, as nothing is simple in When Calls The Heart, Nathan is unable to meet because of Allie’s father Dylan. As much as he doesn’t even recognize his own daughter, Dylan threatens Nathan and puts adoption at stake. All of this is still a secret and her plans with Elizabeth are canceled, although she still insists that he walk with her home.

The preview of Season 8 of When Calls The Heart indicates that Elizabeth’s choice between Lucas and Nathan will be one of the central plots of the series. However, it seems that we still have to wait more to know what will be her decision.

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