Wheels Bigger Than 23 Inches Doesn’t Make A Meaning According To Audi

March Lichte, Audi Design Chief, said the wheels larger than 23 inches do not make any sense and are unnecessary. These statements raised the highest limit of Audi could be 23 inches.

The average wheel sizes in automobiles have increased over the years. Furthermore, the fact that larger rims will cost more in higher-level cars proves that larger rims are usually better. Many people even think that big tires look much nicer aesthetically.

Is there a limit on the wheel size? If so, what is this limit? According to Audi Design Chief March Lichte, the answer should be close to the 23-inch wheels of the new RS Q8. According to the Motor Authority, Lichte says that a wheel that is larger than these dimensions will make no sense.

23 inches may be the highest limit we can see in Audi:

The RS Q8, a luxurious SUV with a sporty look, has a standard 22-inch rim set, but is also available in 23-inch sizes. Although the tires and wheels of the Audi RS Q8 are gigantic, Audi seems to be the highest limit we can see, because Lichte thinks that the largest Audi SUV cannot grow any further and that it will be unnecessary.

At this point Lichte may only speak for Audi. Michael Simcoe, Vice President of Global Design at General Motors, said recently that larger wheels, such as 24 inches or even 26 inches, will come. It is quite curious about which car will fit these gigantic sets.

Audi introduced the RS Q8, the most powerful and fastest SUV ever. 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque generating this vehicle from 0 to 100 to reach the time is 3.8 seconds, 0 to 200 to reach the time of 13.7 seconds was specified. Finally, the maximum speed of the vehicle is stated to be 305 km / h.

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