WhatsApp’s Feature to Mute Chats Forever


Although the mute feature that has been in WhatsApp for a long time is small, there is a new feature expected. “Forever” option has been added to the mute feature, which normally takes up to 1 year.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, can sometimes cause us to be in conversations that we do not want. For this, the application, which has the feature to mute the chat, has added a long-awaited new option to this feature.

Previously, there was the option to mute the speech for 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year, with the new update, the 1-year mute was removed and the “forever” option was replaced. This feature, which you can use in both individual and group chats, was first noticed by WABetaInfo.

If you could not leave these groups for various reasons, you usually had the option to mute for 1 year. We can admit that 1 year is a long enough time, but some users were annoyed that there was no “forever” option.

WhatsApp has arrived with version

The new “mute forever” option that came to WhatsApp came with the version of the application. This shows us that the latest version is not needed to get this feature. Even if your application is in the latest version, it will take a few days for this new feature to reach everyone.

Storage management page is also coming

It is said that WhatsApp also offers a storage management feature with the new update. It is thought that this feature, which is not currently seen in the or versions of the application, will be offered to users in the coming days.

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The new storage management menu shows which files WhatsApp takes up space on your phone. We will also be able to see the files suggested to be deleted from here.


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