WhatsApp, you must agree to its terms


Not knowing how to communicate well can have consequences, especially in the current era of overexposure, social networks and even more so if we are talking about an application used every month by more than 2,000 million people, more than a quarter of the entire global population.

This is what happened to WhatsApp, which, because it did not know how to explain well the changes made in its Conditions and Privacy policy, caused a debacle among its users, with thousands of them leaving the app to go to others such as Telegram or Signal.

The new WhatsApp conditions

Last week, Facebook wanted to make it clear that at no time will our calls or private messages be recorded, nor that it will share this type of information with Facebook. It will only collect certain information from communications with companies through WhatsApp Business for the sole purpose of displaying related or personalized advertising.

For this reason, during the next few weeks a banner will appear on the list of chats when you open WhatsApp, with a link in which the application will inform you of all the details about the changes carried out on its new Conditions and Privacy policy. And “after a while – which they do not clarify exactly – we will begin to remind users to review and accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp,” with a deadline of May 15.

But, and if I do not accept their new conditions for that day, what will happen? Am I without a WhatsApp account?

Neither send nor read messages on WhatsApp

In an update within its Security and Privacy section, WhatsApp explains that if you did not accept the new terms, don’t worry, because “it will not“ delete your account ”. However, not accepting will bring consequences:

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You will be able to receive calls
You can receive notifications
You will NOT be able to read messages in the app
You will NOT be able to send messages from the app
According to the blog, these measures will be active “for a” short period of time if the 15th arrives and you do not accept the new terms, but does not say more, although it is to be assumed that if the user insists on not accepting the new ones conditions, you will not be able to use the app even to receive calls.


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