WhatsApp Wins Sticker Creator On PC; See How To Use


WhatsApp: A new tool was introduced to WhatsApp Web that allows the creation of stickers directly through the service with the option of image personalization. The new feature was originally seen in a beta version of the messenger and is already being distributed to several users of the app, providing a native way to create stickers for the app.

The initiative is, for now, exclusive to WhatsApp for browsers. According to The Verge, the tool will be released for the desktop app next week. However, it has not been detailed whether the beta of the new UWP app will receive the update, as it does not yet support stickers.

Until then, third-party applications were needed to assemble and embed stickers in the service. The update will streamline the process and offer basic editing tools, such as adding emojis, text, other stickers and the option to crop the original image.

Despite being exclusive to the PC, the stickers can also be used in the mobile version of WhatsApp. Stickers created on the computer appear in the mobile edition and can be saved in the favorites tab.