WhatsApp Wins Shopping Cart; See How It Works


WhatsApp launched yet another commercial tool: the “product message”. In order to maintain the entire purchase process on its platform, the function is an interactive message that allows you to send the consumer, within the chat window, a photo and text of a product, accompanied by a button to see more details.

The message has two variations, with a specific product (single-product message) or a group of up to 30 items (multi-product message). From the conversation, you can create a shopping cart within WhatsApp and send the purchase request — no extra costs are charged for using the functionality.

Payment, however, is still not carried out on WhastApp, which has external links in the form of messages to direct the user to the bank or payment platform.

Azul starts offering automatic check-in via WhatsApp;

To send the product message, you need to be part of a conversation — you can’t send them as notifications. In addition, the shopping cart is unique per user and device, which means that a cart opened on the mobile phone will not appear on WhatsApp Web.

Once sent to the consumer, shopping carts do not expire and, in cases of changes to a product or price changes, the user is informed that the order has been updated.