WhatsApp will verify the authenticity of the news delivered


WhatsApp has been increasingly striving to combat fake news, which continues to circulate at high speed among groups and users of the app. He has already limited the forwarding of messages and now another effort to make people aware of what can be fake news and what can be real is coming: integration with internet research.

The announcement of the new function is being made today by WhatsApp. From now on, a magnifying glass button will appear next to messages that are routed frequently. Touching it will open a window with a search page from the news or link received, it will be possible to see which news are related and whether the fact is true or not.

According to WhatsApp, the message is not loaded into the messenger services and therefore the users’ privacy is guaranteed, after all the search is opened in the browser of the cell phone or the computer chosen by the user.

The new function of searching links on the web is now available in Brazil and in 6 more countries: Spain, United States, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and United Kingdom. It is worth saying that to use it you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed.