WhatsApp will share data with Facebook


Everything related to WhatsApp always creates a stir and even on many occasions, also controversial. On this occasion, we have to say that the messaging app has once again generated quite a controversy with the decision to change the conditions of use. As soon as it entered 2021, the app owned by Facebook began to show users a notice with the update of its conditions of use, indicating that their acceptance was necessary in order to continue using the app.

So far, everything may be normal, but the truth is that in these conditions, it is accepted that WhatsApp shares our data with Facebook so that they are used by the social network to show us personalized ads. This has caused many users and companies to criticize WhatsApp for its intentions.

And it is that in this way, Facebook can use certain data of ours to show us personalized ads. Said like this, it sounds quite strong, but the truth is that this information would only be collected from those chats or information shared with those companies or companies that use WhatsApp Business.

It is in this case that WhatsApp could collect certain information about the use of the app so that they can be used for advertising purposes. In any case, the moment we start a chat with a company that uses the Business version of the famous messaging application, a message will appear indicating that both the messages and the calls are completely encrypted, but if it is being used of the Facebook service to store certain data. This information will be used later to show advertising related to our activity in the messaging app.

WhatsApp has had to come to their defense

The truth is that not everyone has understood it that way and this has made WhatsApp have had to come to their defense. To do this, it has published a series of frequently asked questions in which it tries to answer the main doubts of users.

Basically, the company wants to make it clear that at no time will our calls or private messages be recorded, nor that it will share this type of information with Facebook. It will only collect certain information from communications with companies through WhatsApp Business for the sole purpose of displaying related or personalized advertising.

Therefore, and taking into account that the majority of users do not interact with companies through the messaging app, this is an update in the conditions of use of the app that will not affect the usual use of the app to communicate. with our friends and family. However, there have already been many people who have considered stopping using WhatsApp.


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