WhatsApp Will Secure Your Backups With Its New Encryption


WhatsApp: Security is important to all users who surf the net. But the problem is that not all services have the best news in this field and you may need an extra application to help you with this. But companies are increasingly committed to this and in the case of WhatsApp we will soon see a new end-to-end encryption system for your backups.

WhatsApp will also encrypt your backups

If you are a cautious user, you sure have your files in a safe place. And we are not referring to a folder that you have hidden or with a security system, but to save a copy of your most important files in another place. It can be on an external hard drive or on a cloud system, as WhatsApp does automatically if you have this option activated.

However, you may not have noticed this option, but the data transfer between your machine and the server is conventional. That is, there is not much security and some cyber attack at the time of the transfer may capture some or all of your data. But on Facebook they are working so that this does not happen in the future. All this is thanks to its new end-to-end encryption system.

According to WABetaInfo, the company is working to add a security plus to this important procedure, which is to protect your backup copies. Of course, you can choose where to save this data as it has always been done, but now you will have two extra capabilities to avoid losing your data in any way.

The media indicates that this novelty will arrive in version which is currently in the testing phase. As soon as you activate it, the program will ask you for a password that only you and no one else will know unless you generate a password that reaches 64 digits in total. Of course, you must bear in mind that losing the password also means losing the chats at least for the moment, so you must be careful with the password you put.

A new feature for point-by-point encryption

One of the features that came to WhatsApp with open arms was end-to-end encryption. This is a security function with which it is possible to ensure the privacy of messages from one side to the other. Now it comes in the transfer of backups, something that will also help protect your conversations even more.


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