WhatsApp Will Prevent the Spread of False Information


For now, WhatsApp has offered its feature to users for some countries, aimed at preventing false information sharing. WhatsApp users will see an icon next to the posts that are starting to spread virally and will be able to reach the results directly on the internet.

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, is gaining more and more importance day by day. The developer team, which is aware of this situation, continues to work to meet all the needs of the users and provide a better experience. Now, WhatsApp developers; Launched an essential feature for users in Italy, Brazil, the USA, Ireland, the UK, Spain, and Mexico.

The internet is a very effective communication tool, but this tool can cause some problems from time to time. For example, any information can easily be spread on the internet. Moreover, the accuracy of such an easily disseminated information is often not questioned. In fact, WhatsApp has taken some precautions to prevent the spread of false information in the past periods. The new feature of WhatsApp is a new step taken to prevent false information.

The new feature of WhatsApp, which is available in various countries, brings an icon to show that messages that started to spread virally are not original. This icon, which is in the form of a magnifying glass, takes users to web results related to the viral content in question. In this way, users have the opportunity to learn whether the content sent to them is correct or not over the internet.

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This is what the new feature of WhatsApp looks like

The new feature of WhatsApp will provide great convenience to users, especially at those times when we really need the right information. Because of the pandemic, a sound came from every head. Thus, this situation increases the possibility of misinformation spread much more. It seems that WhatsApp will now try to help users with this new feature after restricting a message to just 5 people a while ago.

The new feature of WhatsApp that allows direct searching over the internet appeared for the first time a few months ago. Some users even tested this feature in beta in this process. The company has stabilized this feature with its work. So we can say that the new feature of WhatsApp will reach more consumers in the coming days.


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