WhatsApp Will Not Impose Restrictions On Those Who Do Not Accept The Confidentiality Agreement


WhatsApp, which will not restrict those who will not accept the WhatsApp privacy agreement, said that if users do not accept the new privacy policy by May 15, the application will lose its functionality over time. Backing down from this decision, Facebook now says the plan has changed and users who don’t accept the updated policy will actually not experience limited functionality.

“Given recent conversations with various authorities and privacy experts, we would like to make it clear that we will not limit the functionality of the way WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update,” a WhatsApp representative told The Verge. it was said. WhatsApp noted that this application will be valid indefinitely.

The rollout of the updated WhatsApp privacy policy has turned into a complete mess. Users are confused, raising concerns that WhatsApp will start sharing more users’ personal data with Facebook. In fact, some WhatsApp user data, such as users’ phone numbers, was already shared with Facebook in line with a policy that went into effect in 2016. WhatsApp emphasized that this is not the case, underlining that the policy update concerns messages sent to businesses via WhatsApp and can be stored on Facebook servers.

The company says in a support article on the subject that the majority of users who review the new policy agree with it. In addition, this article with the explanation of WhatsApp stated that if you did not accept, you will be reminded of the new policy and this will continue.

“We will continue to remind users from time to time and allow them to opt-in to the update, including when they choose to use optional features like contacting a business with support from Facebook,” WhatsApp said. said. “We hope this approach will strengthen the choice that all users have, whether they want to interact with a business or not.”


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